About This

Right next door, a distant dimension has leaked into yours. Once upon a time, every Monday (from October 2006 to November 2010) a portal opened up to reveal long-armed sulfur-based life forms: Cute mini-monsters reeking of mutated mystery. They couldn’t to wait to get a hold of your Why-Figh and your shmaht-fone. And they’re still installing viruses in the vortex of your cortex. Projecting past experiences onto the tubes in their trailer-parks.

Luckily, there remains one outpost, somewhere in the middle-outskirts of the Soy-Milky Way, the folkses at Metalepsy – a collaborative coupleˆ•ˆ actually – have luckily recorded, much like their stone-age predecessors, the awe-inspiring and utterly ridiculous things that happened all around them. Has any evidence of us survived now that we’re gone? Perhaps some black hole somewhere has also preserved a bit or byte of our precious data.

Until they can find just the right medium to preserve this forever, please tune in here when you get a chance and click through all the past comi-sodes for a taste of the wild frontier, or as Dude likes to call it, Metalepsy.

Brought to you by Metalepsy.

ˆ•ˆ Allan & Sibylle Dorr